Incoming Treasury Head Wants Government to Spend Big

Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States today, ending one of the most tumultuous…


All U.S. Passenger Arrivals Will Require COVID-19 Test

Health officials announced on Tuesday that passengers flying to the United States would require proof of a negative test for…


Trump Signs Executive Order to Ban Chinese Finance Apps

The White House is cracking down on Chinese finance apps, with President Trump signing an executive order banning U.S. transactions…


Republicans Split With Trump Over Defense Spending Bill

The Republican party is seemingly splitting with President Trump during his final days in office. The House of Representatives has…


Thousands of Staff Return to Airlines after Stimulus Bill

The passing of a new federal stimulus bill is having a positive impact on the airline industry and the thousands…


Google Has Set a Precedent by Keeping Staff at Home

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the way that people live and work. Some of America’s largest corporations have transitioned their…


Outdoor Dining Ban is an Abuse of Power According to Judge

A new wave of Coronavirus infections has led to sweeping restrictions on freedom of movement and public gatherings in California….


No Evidence of Voter Fraud According to Attorney General

Exactly one month after Election Day in the United States, the Attorney General has stated that investigations have revealed no…

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Hits a 30,000 Point Record

Despite rising Coronavirus infection rates and a contested election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has reached a new stock market…

Trade Deal

Asia Pacific Trade Deal Signed Between China and Major Economies

As the United States still moves towards certifying its election results, nations in Asia and the South Pacific have signed…