President Trump Says No Coronavirus Stimulus Until After Election

President Trump has dashed hopes of lawmakers agreeing on a second round of Coronavirus stimulus this month. In a statement…


Trump Administration Pushing Ahead with Immigration Restrictions

In a continued effort to make good on promises made during his run for office, President Trump will introduce new…


Trump Wants the Fed to Cut the Interest Rate to “Zero”

President Trump ongoing spat with the Federal Reserve has reached a new peak, with the Commander in Chief calling the…

President Trump

President Trump is Considering a Payroll Tax Cut

With the risk of an economic downturn looming, President Trump is considering a payroll tax cut to take pressure off…


President Trump is Watching Google Closely

Google and its parent company Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) have received an indirect warning from the President, with the Commander in…


What if a China Trade Deal is Never Reached?

Despite U.S. and Chinese negotiators restarting trade talks, there are some officials who believe a deal may never be signed….

Trump nominates

Trump Nominates Economists for Federal Reserve

President Donald Trump has made no secret of his disappointment in the Federal Reserve during his time in office. During…

President Trump

President Trump Promises to Deport Millions of Illegals

President Donald Trump is continuing to make good on his promise to curb illegal immigration. In a statement on Monday,…

Immigration Offices

U.S. May Close International Immigration Offices

News has emerged this week that the White House will also take sweeping action to close international immigration offices, potentially…


Healthcare Three Key Provisions in the 2020 Budget

Many of Trump’s proposals are based on public health initiatives that he sees as key to making the nation “wealthier,…